Divers’ Top Picks: Best Diving Destinations Thus Far


For tourists who pack their bags to experience the best dive of their lives, this article is for you. Make sure that you include this on your bucket list. Our recommendations for the best dives in the world have been scrutinized and have been selected when we conducted a survey from online relatie starten and other major travel sites.

The Yongala of Australia

divingWe do believe that there is beauty in chaos. The Yongala is a perfect example of that. It’s going to be a memorable wreck dive for you, because the catastrophe turned into a beautiful scene full of marine life and astounding color of under the sea. Yongala is a shipwreck in Queensland. The incident happened in 1911 when Cyclone hits the sea, and it sank her along with 122 passengers. Diving in Yongala will make you feel amazed with a hint of sadness inside. However, it’s one of the best dive you’ll ever get into. Let us also remind you that entering the ship is not permitted. Some divers were arrested for doing so.

The Blue Corner Wall of Palau

divePalau is probably one of the most famous diving destinations for divers. It earned the title for a good reason. Palau holds great beaches, but the Blue Corner Wall outdo them all. According to one of the divers from dating site reviews, diving in the Blue Corner Wall is like watching a parade of reef sharks, barracuda, and other colorful marine species. They swim as if they are in a performance.

Shark and Yolanda Reef of Egypt

You probably heard about the Egyptian Red Sea because it’s part of the biblical history. Diving here is somewhat nostalgic for you are already in it instead of reading about it. The red sea is the home of sharks and Yolanda Reef. The sight is so beautiful, you can get lost in the colors of life, but it comes with a price. According to Nederlandse dating website, you might need to gather a group of six just to be able to dive, and you have to be an experienced diver.