Get Travel Insurance or Not?


So you’re ready to explore the world. You have packed your bags, booked those flights, bought those travel accessories, and here you are deciding whether to avail travel insurance or not. The burning question is should you avail travel insurance or not. Let’s get into details, so you’ll make a sound decision before you spend that cash over insurance.

What Does it Usually Cover?

Insurance could be your knight in the shining armor. If you got injured and need to be hospitalized, insurance will cover it for you. So, you won’t need to empty your bank account and return to your homeland disappointed. It does cover some prescribed medications if it’s really needed or an emergency. And if you get caught in the act of God, let say there is a heavy typhoon, and you need a place to stay, the insurance could also take care of that for you. Depending on the insurance company you prefer, they may cover emergency dental.

Travel Insurance is for Preferably for Long-Term Travel Only

travelThe purpose of having insurance is to insure you in the case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances. Travel insurance is preferably for long-term travel only because it’s not cheap. And if you will be traveling just for a week, the chances of you needing the insurance is little.

Our Recommendation

Avail insurance if you are planning to travel long-term, and if the country you are planning to visit is prone to calamities and/or diseases. For example, there is a high chance that you might contract malaria in Asian countries like Malaysia. So, instead of paying the hospital bill out of your pocket, just get travel insurance. It’s going to be way cheaper than a hospital bill. To find the best insurance company, compare the prices and the coverage. Don’t always go for the cheaper ones. Always check what the insurance covers, and ask yourself if those coverage are something you will need based on your personal needs and your destination’s risks.