The Safest Airlines in the World

One of the dilemmas of travelers around the world is their safety. We’ve heard those devastating news about plane crashes and threats. But good news, we have gathered the best airlines that put your safety as their number one priority, so you can rest assured about your safety.


Taiwan’s Eva Air

Eva Air was launched in 1989. With all those years of operation, they never had any incident of plane crash nor any incidents that put their passengers at risk. They do consistent maintenance on their parship. And prior to the boarding, they conduct a meticulous check to prevent any terrorist from getting inside their airline. Aside from quality checks, you’ll enjoy great food choices and great airline services.

Japan Airlinescockpit

Japanese are known for their “kaizen”. They apply this concept everywhere. You cannot expect anything less from Japanese people. They ensure that their planes are in optimum shape prior to boarding passengers. There was just one incident that led to a catastrophic accident under their watch back in 1985. They have fired all their kamikaze pilots. And that incident never occurred again ever since. JAL has earned a good rating making them one of the top safest airlines in the world.

Cathay Pacific

I have personally enjoyed by boarding experience with Cathay Pacific. They truly provide unmatched world-class service. We chose them as our mode of transport when we were working for dating site and dating sider for store mennesker. We did not experience any time of delays nor feeling of discomfort during our flight with them. No wonder why they consistently hit the title of “best airline” in the world every year. You can expect well-maintained planes and well-trained crews who will keep you comfortable during your journey.

british airway

British Airways

British Airways was founded in 1974. The airline grew and became one of the major airlines in the UK. Their pilots are the best in the world. There was one incident which could have resulted in a fatal disaster. Flight 900 encountered volcanic ash during their flight, but thanks to the pilots’ amazing skills, they were able to maneuver the plane and landed the people to safety. That incident is still being talked about in elitepartner forum singles. British Airways earned a lot of respect and a good reputation over the years which makes them an ideal airline for your travel.