Toss The Jetlag Routine

We’re sure that almost all travelers around the world would relate. You are so pumped up and excited for your flight, 12 hours later, you are displaying a poker face due to fatigue. It’s worse than a hangover. And you’ll end up burning all the hours in your hotel room trying to cope up with jetlag. So, toss your jetlag routine, and prepare for big vacay in advance.


Dealing with Your Body’s Biorhythm is the Key

It’s a simple analogy. Your body has a biorhythm that is influenced by your daily routine. In most part, it has something to do with your sleep. We have to admit that changing our sleeping pattern is quite challenging. But it would do you a lot of favors as you travel to a foreign country with a different timezone. Users of 50plusmatch suggest that you set a wake-up time even if your body wanted to stick to the bed. Wake up when the alarm goes off. That is a simple start in changing your body’s biorhythm.

Don’t Drink Alcohol or Caffeine Before a Flight

coffeeYou probably are asking why should I ditch coffee, too? Caffeine causes your body to be overactive, but after all the hype, your energy will be drained. There is a higher chance that you will be jet lagged when you overdose on coffee. You should ditch alcohol prior to a flight because you don’t want a hangover and worsen the symptoms by boarding a plane. Instead, try to burn the waiting time by browsing on online dating and by doing other online activities.

Just Relax and Give Your Body Time to Adjust

When you are prepared for your next adventure, don’t worry too much. Even you are experiencing jet lag despite your preparation for it, just give your body some time to adjust. It’s normal for our body to have an adjusting period whenever we are exposed to a new environment. It’s your brain telling you that something is different. But focus on the experience. Sometimes, jetlag is just in your head. So, mind over matter is the key.